Equity Co:LAB was created by an architect to assist architecture firms define and implement strategies that will lead to greater equity, diversity and inclusion in their practice. The time has come to  address the enduring lack of diversity in our profession. Unless we take a look at ourselves, the way we practice, the culture and the existing policies that we have defined and use day to day, we cannot move forward into a more equitable future. This is an opportunity for us to come together on solutions, to test, measure and choose the best path forward for your firm. Addressing this fundamental issue will strengthen the foundation of your company and our field.

  • Organizational Review

  • Targeted Workshops

  • Change Methodology

Kavitha Mathew,  Photo: Sam Lahoz

Increase Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Upcoming Programs

Equity Leader's Think Tank Series

The targeted workshop series is specifically geared towards bringing together equity, diversity and inclusion advocates and leaders at firms to help them with tools to create forward momentum within their companies. It will provide a valuable opportunity to connect people working towards similar goals across different organizations. By focusing on individuals who are already in the mindset of DEI work, whether through employee resource groups or other initiatives within their organizations, by supporting and amplifying their efforts we can accelerate progress throughout the industry.

Leadership Adapted, Culture Updated- 3 Sessions with flexible scheduling options

Workplace culture is based on a set of common values. These values begin with architectural education and are carried into the workforce. Over the past 20 years, ‘studio culture’ at architecture schools has been put under a microscope to reveal a multitude of toxic behaviors that adversely impact the physical and mental health of students. NAAB now requires schools to have a clearly defined studio culture policy that is made transparent and accessible to all as part of the accreditation procedure. This has led to a shift in studio culture and an expectation by students coming out of school into the workforce that the same values will apply. The disconnect when they realize this has not been implemented by firms is jarring, and leads to dissatisfaction and in many cases, young architects leaving the profession.

  • How should firms evolve to meet these new demands?

  • Can analysis and culture shift help with recruitment, engagement, retention, productivity and overall morale?

  • How do you emphasize rigor and commitment while allowing for work life flow?

  • Are outdated cultural values negatively impacting women and BIPOC members of your staff?

  • Do traditional methods of working place you at a disadvantage with your clients?

  • Is it possible to do all of this while retaining the core values and overarching mission of your organization?


The starting line is wherever you are.

The finish line is as far as you are willing to go.

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