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How can we evolve as a profession to promote equitable and diverse workplaces that better serve our clients and our communities?

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Young People at a Workshop
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Organizational Review
  • Understand the latest thinking around policies that promote equity, attract and support diverse talent in the workplace and determine how your organization measures up.

  • With a focus on specific systems that many take for granted as "the way we have always done things", surface opportunities to improve your processes around your most valuable resource, the people working at or those who would consider working at your firm.

  • Recruitment, onboarding, professional development, flexible work, compensation, performance reviews, and promotion practices are just a sample of the areas that are ready for transformation. Update and implement processes to help attract, retain and grow the most qualified and diverse talent in your industry.

Targeted Workshops
  • The people in your organization who will be most receptive to using the tools reviewed in this workshop are those who are already working towards change. They have likely already created or led grassroots employee resource groups to provide a forum for discussion amongst various affinity groups.

  • Suppose they could find ways to channel their ideas into action items that could be implemented at the firm level, with the support of leadership to benefit the greater group? 

  • Imagine an opportunity to align the specific missions of these employee resource groups with the company as a whole, and harness this energy  to bring you to the forefront of positive social impact within your company and through the products of your work.

Change Methodology
  • There are so many aspects of a business that inform the larger organization. To function most effectively and garner the support of the whole team, core values must be clearly identified and stated, and be apparent and consistent throughout the policies and systems that help define your mission.

  • What do you value? Good design? Productivity? Transparency? Health? Sustainability? Client satisfaction?

  • Define the tenets of a positive studio culture, and ensure that leadership and staff agree that they are clearly stated and available to everyone. Alignment between various groups in the organization will promote trust and a safe space. A shared understanding of your core values will streamline your path towards achieving your mission, and minimize discord along the way.

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